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How to Start an Adult Business

Make Money in the Adult Industry without Selling Porn

The easiest way to start an adult business is to sell Online dating services. This way one can make money in the adult industry without selling porn.

How Much Money do Porn Webmasters Make Compared to Online Dating Webmasters?

Both porn and dating webmasters can make a lot of money in the adult industry, however, it costs more money to get into the porn business and there are many rules and regulations.

Not only that, people surfing around for free sex pics are not interested in paying you any money. These people are usually just teenagers who do not even own a credid card. There is no future in marketing to this audience.

How to Make Money with the Sex Industry without selling porn

As was mentioned previously, the very best way to make money with the sex industry is by promoting Online Dating services.

The idea is to create a content rich site which is targeted at people who are looking for casual affairs, or adult dating.

In order to keep the start up costs low, we do not place any explicid images or words on the site at all.

We just create content which keeps the reader interested and forces the reader in a logical manner to visit the sites we are promoting - the sites that pay us commissions.

The reason this keeps costs low is because we can purchase better quality web hosting services and we do not have to go through the legal expenses that are associated with porn and sex sites.

Fact - Online dating traffic is easier to convert to a sale than porn traffic!

Why waste time with people who are looking for "free sex pics" when you can target real adults who are actually searching for terms like: "woman seeking man for affair".

People who are looking for "free sex pics" are not qualified traffic. We do not want these type of visitors on our site. They are time and bandwidth wasters! We want people who are looking for affairs and discreet dating services. Real people with the capacity to make a purchase.

I Quit my Day Job

In October of 2004, I quit my day job and am making money Online full time. It took a few years of trial and error but the feeling of getting up in the morning and doing what I want to do is unbeatable.

In this series of articles I will attempt to show the reader how to setup an Online dating business which produces income for the owner day and night 24/7.

Who will benefit from these articles?

These articles are for those who are willing to put in a bit of hard work in the beginning in order to reap the financial rewards later. Once your dating web site is set up, in can generate income night and day with minimal maintinence.

These articles are not intended for those who wish to get rich by next week. Those who are looking for such a thing should go elsewhere.

These articles are not for those who are deluded into thinking that they can set up an Online Business for free without any expenses. Those who are looking for such a thing should go looking in fantasy land, not Cyberland.

Many people believe promises that setting up an Online Business can be done for free with zero cost. In the end, these people waste thousands of hours doing it the hard way, and then end up doing it the right way anyway!

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How to Start an Adult Business
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